About WeddingExpo3D

Conceived at a wedding in 2019, the founders who are widely recognised as Australia’s leading 3D virtual tour providers for hospitality and tourism, saw the need to create a cohesive wedding venue exploration platform for future couples to have a second to none immersive experience at their fingertips.

Convenience and control in hand were the driving factors.

Initial names considered were WeddingWalk3D, WeddingExplorer3D WeddingOpenDay3D and others. 

A first working prototype was created but shelved for well over a year after that due to the onset of Covid in early 2020 and the freeze that befell the hospitality industry. Since late 2021, the project has been moving towards completion and the name was changed to WeddingExpo3D.


We are now pleased to have been able to launch this wonderful project and are constantly surprised by the amazing feedback we receive from all stakeholders, from the couples, the venue operators, wedding industry suppliers and others who can make use of the tools in their hand.


It is our pleasure and absolute commitment to listen to the extensive feedback we constantly receive and which we evaluate against our road map to see what makes sense to add in later, or implement right away, if it is something that is broadly desired.


We thank all our users for participating in making this a fun to use, great tool created right here in Australia.

It gives us great pleasure if you send us your feedback and suggestions, please use the Contact From to do so.